Burn XT vs Hydroxycut vs PrimeShred: Who Is Entitled to Be the Champion in Burning Fats?

Burn XT vs PrimeShred vs Hydroxycut homoeopathie-bedarf Review

Short Introduction:

Often a question comes into our head when we think of the best fat burning products that we can go for. We think not only of their effectiveness but also think of their functionality. When those boxes are checked then we think of their safety. Safety against the threats that they pose to our health, both physically and mentally.

That is when we realize whether a product is safe and for the greater good, that is beneficial to our body and mind for the long run. Next comes the criteria about the ingredients that they contain. How far are they secure? How far are they scientifically proven?

There are certain products in the market that not only are effective and safe in their approach but are also scientifically proven. The ingredients that they have are not only clinically tested but are also guaranteed. Such products, though less in number, are present in the market. We will be talking about them today in this article.

These products have doctors and scientists backing up their formula and we can understand then the genuineness that they offer is not only for show but also for real. And after all that comes the million dollar question – Is there a fat burner that burns fat? To this we have come across certain products that actually work.

Burn XT vs PrimeShred vs Hydroxycut homoeopathie-bedarf Review

They are PrimeShred, Hydroxycut, and Burn XT. These three fat burners have ingredients that are backed by science; hence these products are scientifically-backed by doctors and scientists and are rated as the top three fat burners in the current market.

No.#1: PrimeShred:

Brief Introduction:


PrimeShred is a dietary supplement that burns fat at an extremely fast rate. This product is currently one of the best in the market. This supplement is known to burn all the stubborn and unsightly fat in your body all throughout the day and night.

PrimeShred is known to do so by stimulating Thermogenesis in your body. A natural process which aids to burn fat in your body without causing harmful damage to your health. In the long run, this product is beneficial as it not only burns fat but also is known to increase focus and energy in you. It helps you to increase your concentration and makes your everyday workout sessions fruitful.

Moreover, it also helps you by supporting your natural metabolic rate. Metabolism is the key to fat burning in your body. Metabolism is often unnoticed by maximum fat burners in the market but PrimeShred does not do so. It is smart enough to use your body’s natural metabolism and also keeps it regulated. Hence, PrimeShred by far is the most complete fat burner in the stores currently.


  • It stimulates Thermogenesis in your body.
  • It helps you to regulate your metabolic rate.
  • It enables you to increase your energy and focus.
  • It increases your concentration levels.
  • PrimeShred is based on a 100% all-natural ingredient formula.
  • This product keeps you physically as well as mentally fit.
  • PrimeShred can be used without consulting a physician.
  • Several studies and researches back the formula of this product.
  • This product is easy to ship.
  • It comes with a 100 days money back guarantee if it fails to deliver to you.


Green Tea Extract (500 mg):
This ingredient speeds up the entire fat burning process in your body. Green Tea extracts are known to naturally increase your metabolic rate and burn down the fats present in your body.

L-Tyrosine (300 mg):
This ingredient makes you focused, alert, concentrated and mentally awake and is known to stimulate fat burning by increasing your metabolism.

L-Theanine (250 mg):
It is known to stimulate fat burning in your body by increasing your metabolism and decreasing your fat absorption rate thus decreasing fat storage in your body.

Rhodiola Rosea Root (250 mg):
This ingredient triggers fat burning in your body by activating certain enzymes in your body. It also improves your energy levels and increases oxygen transportation to your muscles.

Caffeine Anhydrous (225 mg):
It is known to stimulate metabolism in our body and breaks down the fat stored in our cells. Very important ingredient as it enhances focus, energy and alertness.

Other important ingredients present in the product are – Cayenne Pepper (200 mg), DMAE (150 mg), Green Coffee (100 mg), Vitamin B Complex, Bioperine (5 mg), and Vegetable Capsule.


The dosage of this product is extremely simple. You must take three PrimeShred capsules exactly 20 minutes before breakfast. This is to be continued both on training as well as non-training days.

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No.#2: Hydroxycut:

Brief Introduction:


The product can lead to weight loss by speeding up your metabolic rate. Hydroxycut is known to burn your body fat by increasing your metabolic rate and speeding up your natural calorie burning process. This product is very efficient and causes the general wellness of your body. It not only targets your fats but also increases your energy and enhances your mental awareness.

It keeps you mentally aware, alert and stabilizes your energy and focus. As a result, it helps you to put in maximum effort in your workout sessions and keeps you motivated throughout the day. You stay on top of your game and also lose fat and burn calories in the entire time. Not only does it help you to reach the peak of masculine health but also does help you to be at peace with your mind. Scientifically backed by important weight loss ingredients this product is a complete package as it reduces the stress of your body and also of your mind.
Hence, the Hydroxycut is a cutting-edge fat burner known to burn down fat and all the negativities around you.


  • It burns down fat at an exceptionally fast speed.
  • It burns down fat throughout the entire day.
  • It keeps you physically as well as mentally fit.
  • It is known to keep you mentally alert and focused.
  • It enhances your concentration.
  • It is based on an herbal and all-natural ingredient.
  • Its ingredients are known to provide results at a fast pace.
  • It helps you to achieve your goals without risking much as it has reported zero side effects.
  • It comes with a very easy and flexible shipping method.
  • This product comes with an assurance of relieving stress from your mind as well.


  • Vitamin D (10 mcg):
    Cholecalciferol or Vitamin D is an active ingredient that helps in the regulation and absorption of Calcium and Phosphorus. These two ingredients in turn help in the natural calorie burning process.
  • Thiamine Hydrochloride (0.3 mcg):
    This ingredient is beneficial for glucose metabolism in your body. Thiamine also plays a key role in proper muscular functioning.
  • Riboflavin (0.3 mg):
    This ingredient plays a key role in breaking down proteins, fats and carbohydrates in your body. Riboflavin is also essential in maintaining your body energy level and helps in converting carbohydrates into Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP).
  • Niacinamide (4 mg):
    Niacin is known to reduce harmful cholesterol levels in your body. It also boosts up your brain function and helps you to stay alert and focused.
  • Vitamin B6 (0.4 mg):
    This ingredient is known to convert, use and store energy from protein and carbohydrates from the food you eat.
  • Vitamin B12 (6 mcg):
    This ingredient helps you by keeping your nerves and blood clean and healthy. It also keeps you alert and focused. Your concentration levels are kept intact by the presence of Vitamin B12 in your body.
  • Other ingredients present in this product are – Robusta Coffee Extract (200 mg), Apple Cider Vinegar (100 mg), Plum, Baobab Extract, Cardamom and Caffeine (200 mg).


Generally, the dosage of Hydroxycut ranges from 1 capsule form day 1 to day 3 and then increase the dose to 2 capsules per day from day 4 onwards, 30 minutes before each meal. But due to reported side effects it is advised to consult a doctor before taking in the tablets.

No#3: Burn XT:

Brief Introduction:


It claims to be the best thermogenic dietary supplement in the market today. Burn XT not only has the word ‘burn’ on itself but also burns down stubborn body fat in your body. This product is aimed at burning down fat, reducing weight and generating good health and peak muscular development in your body. This dietary supplement contains a power packed all-natural ingredient aimed at increasing wellness, energy and alertness.
It allows your body to push itself without breaking to reach impossible goals. Goals that are meant for the willing and the dedicated. This product is not a magic pill for the uninitiated but is a magic pill for the initiated. Its formula helps you to train hard day and night and also supports you and your hard work in the gym by working 24 x 7. It reduces your weight, adds to your muscle depth, burns fat down and enhances your focus and energy.


  • It enhances Thermogenesis in your body.
  • It reduces weight by burning down fat naturally.
  • It adds to your muscle depth.
  • It helps you to attain the ripped look easily.
  • It utilizes your work out sessions by repairing your muscles quickly.
  • It is based on a power packed formula which is scientifically tested and proved.
  • It contains an all-natural ingredient list.
  • It has no side effects.
  • It comes with free shipping.
  • It comes with the assurance of total label transparency.


  • Acetyl L-Carnitine HCI (700 mg):
    Helps increase the fat burning process in your body by boosting cognitive functions. It enhances the transportation of fatty acids to burn maximum fat storage.
  • Green Tea Extract (450 mg):
    It increases the rate of fat loss in your body. It is known to increase energy and promote several health benefits.
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (270 mg):
    This ingredient is known for stimulating fat burning, alertness, cognitive function as well as energy.
  • Capsimax Cayenne Pepper Extract (50 mg):
    A powerful thermogenic that is known to stimulate fat burning for energy generation.
  • Bioperine (5 mg):
    A fruit extract that helps you by enhancing your body efficacy and also enables you to absorb nutrients and the ingredients of this product more efficiently.


In the beginning take 1 pill per day for the first 3 days to test your tolerance. After assessing your bodily reactions to it increase it to 2 pills twice per day. Also, you must drink a lot of water throughout the entire day while using this product.


After reading the entire review you must be thinking which one to go for right? Obviously all the three supplements that have been presented are best in their own unique way and that’s the reason they have been the best sellers of all times.

Besides, all of them are known and have created a niche in the market and following for themselves in their own right. But today we have to choose one. So, in that case we have to justify our reasons and logic.

Firstly, both Burn XT as well as Hydroxycut are notorious for the toxic side effects that they pose on your health. The formulas present in them are not as balanced as PrimeShred and as a result they pose one or the other side effects to your physical and mental health. Hydroxycut has often come under the scanner and so is Burn XT. PrimeShred, on the other hand, is not only effective but most importantly is very safe.

Another reason for choosing PrimeShred is that it has a scientifically tested, proven and backed formula. Doctors and nutritionists have often hailed this product as the best fat burner and the most effective in the current market. The other two, especially Hydroxycut will only work if you don’t put in a lot of effort in the gym and your diet. Burn XT also faces the same issue with some consumers. As far as public relations are concerned, PrimeShred provides the most secured and the best offers in the market. Especially, it has a 100 days money back guarantee program which it actually follows unlike the other two. The other two products have certain conditions applied which PrimeShred does not have.

PrimeShred is not only an effective and safe fat burner but also keeps in mind the benefits of its users. It provides several benefits not only to your body and mood but also to your time and financial investment as well.

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